Friday, February 1, 2008

Music. Quality. [My Definition]

Ahmad Jais. Talented, with superbly-mesmerizing yet soothing classical voice. He is. If I need to define the word talented, he really is what I will be elaborating about. [I mean, his talent in singing. ehem.] I grow up with his music, his voice. Thanks a lot Ayah, for introducing Ahmad Jais to me and Abang since we're still a little boy and girl.

It was during early of January 2008. His song was everywhere within my room. And now, early of February; I should be proud of myself. Hihi. Sakinah, my dearest [??!!] house-mate 'merangkap' my ketua rumah has somehow became addicted to his music and voice. Hihi. That's what I refer as quality then. Because I do believe that low quality voice with 'nothing2' punya melody will never have the ability to attract poeple's interest; especially those who never know anything about the singer as well as the music genre itself. As simple as that. [~]

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1.[Pencarian; Untuk Ayah.]

06/01/2008. A day after Ayah's birthday. Me, as well as Nurul were strolling around Shah Alam to find the Ahmad Jais' CD for Ayah's birthday present. It was during last sem, I found one compilation album of Ahmad Jais' popular songs at Plaza Shah Alam. Therefore, I was actually more then sure that I will find one there, again. Well, unexpected things happened. Duh~ Out of stock. The same thing keep happening at the other music stores at the plaza. Aiyokk.
But still, we continue our 'pencarian'. Aided with Rapid-KL bus tickets, we finally reached the 'not-so-golden triangle', a.k.a [PKNS + SACC Mall + Plaza Alam Sentral]. Hihi. Cut short, I finally found one, at a music store somewhere in PKNS. Hihi. I was so-very-the happy. Hik!~

Ayah! I finally have something sweet-yet-memorable for your birthday!! Can't wait to get back home this Chinese New Year holiday to see you Ayah! Really hope that you will eventually love it! Hihi! =)

2.[Favorite Tracks]

2.1 : Me
- Lembaran Terakhir
- Antara Dua Hati
- Mengharap Sinar Menelan Kabus
- Aku Ingin Bersendiri
- Kucupan Azimat
- Berikan Ku Sinarmu
- Indahnya Dunia Hatiku
- Menanti Di Ambang Syurga

2.2 : Sakinah
- Antara Dua Hati
- Azizah

2.3 : Nurul Ain
- Umpan Jinak Di Air Tenang

2.4 : Ana
- Err, dunno laa!