Tuesday, February 26, 2008

CJ7 + Nando's [Hot!] = 2 Litres of Tears


18 February 2008.

Huu~. Me and Ana went to Bkt.Raja to watch CJ7. It was around 3.45 p.m. when we arrived there. We bought the tickets, [not-so-lucky us cuz' we didn't manage to get the student's price for the movee] and wandering around before the movie start. Well, it was the first day of the week. Not so much people around.

The movie started at 4.10 p.m. Me in seat H8, and Ana in H9. At first, I was definitely okay while watching the movie. But right after the son and the father had a mouth-fight, spasm started. I mean, it's getting serious. And at one point, when the father had an accident... I cried.

And I cried.

I'm quite certain that each and everybody in the cinema was sad at that point. During the first hour of the story, I can clearly hear people laughing and giggling. At this point, they laugh and giggle no more. What I heard was 'sob2' and 'isk2' here and there. The last thing I remember was I left the cinema with 'i-was-crying-just-now' eyes. Huu~

Well, there goes my 1st litre of tears.

After the session of glazing thru the handbags, shirts, jeans as well as sunglasses [ehem!], we decided to go straight to Nando's in order to fill our almost-empty stomach. At first, Ana seems reluctant to eat there; as she had somehow face some bad memories regarding this 'eating-place'. Kesian Ana. Well, it was all history. What's important now is we need something to eat.

Browsing thru the menu, pick the flava. Choose the beverage.

[1/4 chicken + 2 sidelines + sparkling apple] .

For both of us.

I choose HOT,

while Ana stick with MILD.

Towards the end of our eating-session, I found myself 'crying' . AGAIN !!!!!
What's more is the 'I-will-stick-with-mild' girl sitting in front of me keep saying that it was good to see me 'merah muka + meleleh ayer mate menahan pedas'. Huwaaaa!~

[*But seriously, memang pedaaaaas sgt. Over the top kot. Haha! ]

There goes my 2nd litre of tears.

Monday, February 18, 2008


It's Chinese New Year. People loves it as this is the time for them to reunite with their beloved family members.Definitely. And for some reason, ppl loves festive season as there's a lot of open house here and there; meaning that their tummy will be filled with various kind and taste of delicacies, without a penny being spent. [Ehem, is there anybody around here mentioning about free food?] And some others love it as there will be a great number of sales, discount, cardholder's day; followed by a great deal of shopping and spending money unconsciously [sigh~]Well, young peoples loves festive season for some out-of-side reason. Yup. Free airtime. Free voice call. Free Video call. Free these and that. And the battle of promotion[s]and discount[s] between the Red 'M', Yellow 'D' and Purple 'C' begun. Phew~

Owkay. Enough of poeple's interest and whatsoever money-business-related story. For some reason, I also love festive season.This is the perfect time for me to pamper my tastebuds with various types of good food; each with different style and flava. For this prosperous rat year, I managed to try 3 different seasonal-food-promotion. The Chicken Rice Shop with their Golden Treasure Chicken,Pizza Hut with Golden Happiness Cheesy Crown Pizza and McDonald's with Prosperity Foldover. Here's my story.

*Strictly No Drooling ok? =)

Flava #1 : Golden Treasure Chicken.
Venue : TCRS Seremban Parade

While waiting for Wak for my Seremban-B.Pahat bus ticket, I decide to eat at this favourite-restaurant-of-mine. [Credit to TCRS].As there was a promotion pamphlet of GTC on my table, I was just browsing through it as I actually wanted to get the Single Chicken Setfor me during that time. But after quite sometimes, I somehow felt like changing my mind. With a brief explaination about the menufrom a young-nice spoken-but-average-looking waiter cum restaurant staff, I finally chose GTC instead of SCS.* [Please refer to the above story if you can't understand the acronym being used. Thank you.]

Satisfied. Yes I am. The best part of the menu, other than the chicken itself is the Sayur with oyster sauce as well as the dessert.It's green, and the plate is big for one person. It's been a while after I hav the chance to indulge such treat of vegie. About the dessert. It reminds me of my favourite-traditional style dessert; 'Puteri Mandi'. [Credit to Mama n Tokmak for introducing me to this great delicacies!] Two thumbs up!

Flava #2 : Golden Happiness Cheesy Crown
Venue : Pizza Hut BP Mall

Me and Mr.H went here after my English Class Observation at SMK Dato' Seth. Actually this was my treat to Mr.H as he helps me a lot during the observation. Thanks a lot!! [Credit to Mr.H for being my one-time driver as well as my observer-guide.Hik~]

Apart from waiting a little-too-long for the pizza, I must say that this menu is not more ordinary than the others regarding to the flava, exceptfor a little different as it has the mozarella-filled-and-pineapple-topped crowns. Huhu. *kenyang gile and I eventually had to *bungkus the hut's platter.*Burp~* Excuse me. Sorry. [perut senak mode].

Flava #3 : Prosperity Foldover
Venue : McDonald's The Summit BP

It's time for *TheCliqueFive!~* Huhu. I was with Poy and Iekyn at McD during that time. It was CNY Holiday. Actually we're waiting for Mas as she was late that day. As we wait and chat, I bought myself the Chicken Prosperity Foldover Value Meal. The Foldover was great for those with empty stomach. And another great deal was the twister fries. The only thing that I don't really like with any of the Prosperity Value Meal is the green tea. The so-called-refreshing-yet-calming jasmine aroma is making me sick. Really. That's why I changed the tea to Sprite, as F&N Strawberry was out of stock during that day. It's considerable. Rather than castigating my tastebuds as well as my nosey with the taste and the aroma of the jasmine green tea. Yuckz!

That's my experience in making full use of festive season in order to give my tastebuds some extra special treatment. How about yours? Well, hope everybody was having a great holiday this CNY. Put aside the traffic jam problem. It's only once a year though. Haha!

Happy Chinese New Year to all!! May this year will be prosperous and great for all of us!~

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mood of Presentation. [??]

I'm in the middle of my 2nd semester now. Well, being TESL student; presentation is no longer considered something unusual. It's like in almost every subject, you have to have at least a presentation, either in group or individual. This sem, I don't even know why, my group is always end up being the first group to present. If it's not first, then it's second. Or fifth. But never more than that. [well, fifth is not considered as early as first; but still early laa kan?]

Huh. It's like within one week, people within my class can always put their eyes on me as well as my group members; namely Ms Oggy, Ms Marky and Ms Joey. It's always us. The four of us. I mean, focusing on us while we present whatever we have at class. (~)

Lucky Ms Oggy and Ms Marky, they're not in my group for Ed.Soc presentation and Ethnic Relation presentation. But not me and Ms Joey. Today's Wednesday. Supposed to be an extra holiday for me and fellow U2D buddies. But I still have to abolish the chance to get extra rest [or sleep to be precise..eheh] as I have a discussion with Ms Oggy and Ms Joey at our beLOVEd faculty.

Well that's it. Student life. Somehow I feel like I experienced more about student life this sem. Perhaps tonnes of presentations had somehow let me experience it. =)

Way to Go!! Break a leg Ms [Oggy, Marky, Dee Dee, Joey] !!!!
- well of course I didn't mean it LITERALLY! teehee!~

Friday, February 1, 2008

Music. Quality. [My Definition]

Ahmad Jais. Talented, with superbly-mesmerizing yet soothing classical voice. He is. If I need to define the word talented, he really is what I will be elaborating about. [I mean, his talent in singing. ehem.] I grow up with his music, his voice. Thanks a lot Ayah, for introducing Ahmad Jais to me and Abang since we're still a little boy and girl.

It was during early of January 2008. His song was everywhere within my room. And now, early of February; I should be proud of myself. Hihi. Sakinah, my dearest [??!!] house-mate 'merangkap' my ketua rumah has somehow became addicted to his music and voice. Hihi. That's what I refer as quality then. Because I do believe that low quality voice with 'nothing2' punya melody will never have the ability to attract poeple's interest; especially those who never know anything about the singer as well as the music genre itself. As simple as that. [~]

Related Story :

1.[Pencarian; Untuk Ayah.]

06/01/2008. A day after Ayah's birthday. Me, as well as Nurul were strolling around Shah Alam to find the Ahmad Jais' CD for Ayah's birthday present. It was during last sem, I found one compilation album of Ahmad Jais' popular songs at Plaza Shah Alam. Therefore, I was actually more then sure that I will find one there, again. Well, unexpected things happened. Duh~ Out of stock. The same thing keep happening at the other music stores at the plaza. Aiyokk.
But still, we continue our 'pencarian'. Aided with Rapid-KL bus tickets, we finally reached the 'not-so-golden triangle', a.k.a [PKNS + SACC Mall + Plaza Alam Sentral]. Hihi. Cut short, I finally found one, at a music store somewhere in PKNS. Hihi. I was so-very-the happy. Hik!~

Ayah! I finally have something sweet-yet-memorable for your birthday!! Can't wait to get back home this Chinese New Year holiday to see you Ayah! Really hope that you will eventually love it! Hihi! =)

2.[Favorite Tracks]

2.1 : Me
- Lembaran Terakhir
- Antara Dua Hati
- Mengharap Sinar Menelan Kabus
- Aku Ingin Bersendiri
- Kucupan Azimat
- Berikan Ku Sinarmu
- Indahnya Dunia Hatiku
- Menanti Di Ambang Syurga

2.2 : Sakinah
- Antara Dua Hati
- Azizah

2.3 : Nurul Ain
- Umpan Jinak Di Air Tenang

2.4 : Ana
- Err, dunno laa!