Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mood of Presentation. [??]

I'm in the middle of my 2nd semester now. Well, being TESL student; presentation is no longer considered something unusual. It's like in almost every subject, you have to have at least a presentation, either in group or individual. This sem, I don't even know why, my group is always end up being the first group to present. If it's not first, then it's second. Or fifth. But never more than that. [well, fifth is not considered as early as first; but still early laa kan?]

Huh. It's like within one week, people within my class can always put their eyes on me as well as my group members; namely Ms Oggy, Ms Marky and Ms Joey. It's always us. The four of us. I mean, focusing on us while we present whatever we have at class. (~)

Lucky Ms Oggy and Ms Marky, they're not in my group for Ed.Soc presentation and Ethnic Relation presentation. But not me and Ms Joey. Today's Wednesday. Supposed to be an extra holiday for me and fellow U2D buddies. But I still have to abolish the chance to get extra rest [or sleep to be precise..eheh] as I have a discussion with Ms Oggy and Ms Joey at our beLOVEd faculty.

Well that's it. Student life. Somehow I feel like I experienced more about student life this sem. Perhaps tonnes of presentations had somehow let me experience it. =)

Way to Go!! Break a leg Ms [Oggy, Marky, Dee Dee, Joey] !!!!
- well of course I didn't mean it LITERALLY! teehee!~