Tuesday, February 26, 2008

CJ7 + Nando's [Hot!] = 2 Litres of Tears


18 February 2008.

Huu~. Me and Ana went to Bkt.Raja to watch CJ7. It was around 3.45 p.m. when we arrived there. We bought the tickets, [not-so-lucky us cuz' we didn't manage to get the student's price for the movee] and wandering around before the movie start. Well, it was the first day of the week. Not so much people around.

The movie started at 4.10 p.m. Me in seat H8, and Ana in H9. At first, I was definitely okay while watching the movie. But right after the son and the father had a mouth-fight, spasm started. I mean, it's getting serious. And at one point, when the father had an accident... I cried.

And I cried.

I'm quite certain that each and everybody in the cinema was sad at that point. During the first hour of the story, I can clearly hear people laughing and giggling. At this point, they laugh and giggle no more. What I heard was 'sob2' and 'isk2' here and there. The last thing I remember was I left the cinema with 'i-was-crying-just-now' eyes. Huu~

Well, there goes my 1st litre of tears.

After the session of glazing thru the handbags, shirts, jeans as well as sunglasses [ehem!], we decided to go straight to Nando's in order to fill our almost-empty stomach. At first, Ana seems reluctant to eat there; as she had somehow face some bad memories regarding this 'eating-place'. Kesian Ana. Well, it was all history. What's important now is we need something to eat.

Browsing thru the menu, pick the flava. Choose the beverage.

[1/4 chicken + 2 sidelines + sparkling apple] .

For both of us.

I choose HOT,

while Ana stick with MILD.

Towards the end of our eating-session, I found myself 'crying' . AGAIN !!!!!
What's more is the 'I-will-stick-with-mild' girl sitting in front of me keep saying that it was good to see me 'merah muka + meleleh ayer mate menahan pedas'. Huwaaaa!~

[*But seriously, memang pedaaaaas sgt. Over the top kot. Haha! ]

There goes my 2nd litre of tears.


Pert Doherty said...

CJ7 best....
good la lu pnye blog..

aku nk promote akunye blog gak

kasi ar komen yang membina nti..
aku bru je stat wat blog..

cekyam said...

alryte,nnt gue p lawat blog loe.
all tha best!