Saturday, July 12, 2008

My 5-Day Student Life.

It's been a week since I started my semester.
Well, it's a little bit tougher compared to my previous sems.
But it's not that bad.
Here is a little bit of something about my days.

10.30 - 12.20 : Educational Psychology
2.10 - 4.00 : Vocal Ensemble 1
4.10 - 6.00 : Music Theory 1
6.10 - 8.00 : Oral Communication

* Monday is definitely the toughest day for me.
   The schedule says it all!
   The only good thing is my class did not start at 8.30 (phew~)
   Psychology class is okay.
   Vocal; well, it's all about the art and techniques of singing. Luv it!
   Theory; okay. Focus in class. Complete the exercises. You're gonna get it.
   Oral; phew. The last class for the day. Luckily it is also okay.

8.30 - 10.20 : Music History 1

* Morning class!
* Bangun pagi!
* History! (means baca+hafal+ingat+baca+baca)
* One single class for the whole day!
* Yipee!

8.30 - 10.20 : Report Writing
2.10 - 3.00 : Educational Psychology
5.10 - 6.00 : Applied Phonetics & Phonology

* Morning class = bangun pagi.
* Report writing can be boring at times, and the bad thing is;
   it happens almost every time I attend the class. Huu~
* 1-hour class of Ed.Psychology with F class. I eventually have
   to join this class instead of staying in my class as there is
   clashes of timetable with my minor subject.
   Well, even it's only a 1-hour class; I love it tho~
* Phonetics! I almost cry after I attend the first class! Help!~
   Well maybe, it was just because of my 'ketidaksediaan' before 
   attending the class. Hope things will get better in times.

8.30 - 10.20 : Japanese Language 1

* Bangun pagi!
* Today is the foreign language day for 3rd semester's student.
   Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin, Germany, French and Korean; to name a few.
   Today you can hear different version of good morning, various sounds of 
   language, and much more new words from different language.
* It's fun,fun,fun!
* Nihon-go wa chotto muzukashii desukedo; 
   Totemo omoshiroii desu!
* Oops! One class only! Balik umah tido!

3.10 - 5.00 : Applied Phonetics & Phonology
5.10 - 7.00 : Kesatria Negara

* Yeah! Finally the last day of the week!
* No morning class! Bangun lambat! (Sikit jek. Ehe~)
* Woohoo! Phonetics! Focus. Focus. Focus.
* Luruskan barisan! Hentak kaki, paras! Pandang depan!
* My favourite command is "Bersurai!"
* I love marching. Seriously.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Expect The Unexpected.

It is almost the end of the holiday.

In fact, in 2-day time, the new semester will begin.
Just before I pack my stuff to set off to Shah Alam,
I realized that there is something definitely wrong with my lappie.
There's blue screen.
And that's the only thing which appear on the screen.
I know I can never fix this by myself.
The next thing I know is I have to start my semester without
my laptop. Me, poor thing.