Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's Next?

15 January 2008. It's Tuesday.

Tuesday is a tiring day for me. I spent almost 10 hours at my faculty today. Well, at least, it's over. But today is not an ordinary Tuesday for me, as well as some of my friends. This is my story, for today, 15 January 2008.

I woke up, and feel sad because of my dream. I supposed to be 'very' happy but I just can't deny that I was very sad. Yes, very sad.

Next. My comb went missing. Again. It's nowhere to be found. Siot gile.

Next. I should have been waiting for my lecturer at 10.30 a.m. But instead of waiting for the lecturer outside the classroom, I was still waiting for the bus at Akasia. Me, as well as some of my friends finally managed to get a cab and went to the faculty. Fortunately, the taxi driver 'bermurah hati' and just charged RM 4. Well then. RM 1/person. Case closed.
Wait, not yet until we finally reached our classroom. It's only about 11.00 a.m. and suddenly we saw our lecturer came out from the class. And she left. And never come back. Well, I mean, the class have been canceled. Oh my. But it's ok. At least I managed to come to class.

Next. Not so long after that, Syamil and K-own came to the class. With a box of Edu.Sociology books. Well it means money, again. No big deal after all. Suddenly, a few books fell out from the box, and the books accidentally have a lifetime scars on them. And guess what? I'm the not-so-lucky, one-and-only person who get the books with those lifetime scars. [sigh]. Well, what can I do. Malas nak pikir banyak, n by the way, xkan ade pon sape2 yang sangat baik hati nak tukar buku. Kan??

Well, things goes well for quite sometimes. Until the time after I perform my Asar prayer at AUSMAT's praying room. Actually I'm sick with the 'unwell' condition at my faculty's praying room. It's me, 'she' and 'her'. Suddenly one of my friend,'she-2' called 'she' and asked us to come to library as soon as possible. Her voice doesn't sounds ok. And finally this friend of mine told us that she had a 'not-minor-yet-not-so-major' accident at the library. Poor she-2.
Before class, I noticed that 'she' is no longer the happy 'she'. 'She' looks different. Until the end of the class. It's 8.01 p.m. Both of us, [me and 'she'] were outside of the faculty praying room. 'She' told me that she has something to tell me, but she didn't tell me about 'the thing'. Because she said that it's not the suitable time. But she did tell me something, a brief description about 'the thing'. Well, I can get her meaning. somehow I can see what is actually 'the thing' is all about. Not permanent, near disaster; I can say.

Next. I walk alone to the bus. But I'm not lonely, of course. 2 files, 1 magazine, plus 3 text books. Along the way, I keep thinking and wondering. What's next. Should it be good? What's next. Perhaps I might get hurt. What's next.

And now here I am. Not happy, yet not-actually-sad, thinking about what should I do. And I keep typing. And typing. And typing.

15 January 2008. Near disaster. It's over.

What's next?