Monday, January 14, 2008


Just came back from Seremban. Well, this is the 4th tyme i went there and came back 'ere, to my college within the same day. Hihi. Sejak2 my twin blaja kat Seremban ni, slalu jek p sane. Haha! But then, I have to admit that somehow i do feel like i'm home. He's my one-and-only twin brother by the way. So lucky me to have him as my twin brother!! =P .

It's so much fun going there by KTM. Seriously. Hihi, actually, the cost to get there by bus is much cheaper than KTM. But obviously, it is much more comfortable. Plus, there's a whole lot different characters of human being out there. That's why I prefer KTM eventhough I have to spend a little more money for the tickets.Hee!

These journeys had more or less teaching me about real life. Real people, real life situation and real conflicts between peoples. Various race, various nationality, different language, different accents. and the list goes on, consist of a lot of other aspects. Yes. A lot of them.

Err, did I mention that I went there all alone? Yes, I did. But I'm not lonely. Each and every time I went there, it's like I'm watching different version of real-life drama. Other than teaching me about life, perjalanan aku pergi ke Seremban dan balik semula ke Shah Alam serba sedikit membantu aku bermuhasabah diri. I've got ample time to think about my current life, about the future, and a whole lot more to think. Well, we're getting older day-by-day. One day we'll be a mother or a father to our son[s] and daughter[s]. We'll have to be leader in our very own family. Working, having babies, paying for our car and home loan, bla bla bla......etc etc.

That's it. Have to stop now. Sgt mengantok. Huhu. Plus I got class to attend tomorrow. ~

~Think. That what makes us wiser. Not just older~