Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chocolate Ice Blended Oney!

" Whoa.Sedapnye..We should come again next time." (^_^) !!!
" Slurp.Slurp. Yup! Jangan lupe ajak aku yea..!!"
" Tapi kan, these groups of perverts are really a pain-in-the-ass. Menyampah. "
" You bet."
" Pergh. Kecik jerr packaging ice blended kat sini. Mahal plak tuh. Huhu..."
" Yup2..Tapi ade cream. By the way, time kasih banyak sudi belanje aku. (^_^) !!!
" Hehe.... "
" Umm, the texture is good, but I cannot say that I'm satisfied with it.
What do ya think Honey?"
" Yes, I agree with you. Well, I think I gotcha. I can get the feeling. It's just not there."
" Tu la pasal. Dah laa ade Kire sini punye ice blended paling mahal laa. Kan2?? "
" Yup..But one thing la kan, we can always try others' ice blended. Then when we finally know which ice blended yang paling best, bley la kite rajin2 p sana.. "
" Hehe...Of course, why not.."
" Don't you think that this place is creepy..? Look at the people around, I daresay that they are not from the same species as us. I mean, they're not students. Daa~ "
" Haha! I guess you're damn right bebeh. Student tak rajin datang sini kot. But then, Ice Blended die boleh tahan jugak kan..? How's yours?
" Em, Mocha die boleh tahan laa. Tapi coklat die kurang best la. There shud be more chocolate! "
" Uh-uh... "
('_') ???!!
Actually, it's not more than just a little conversation between me and my Honey. Hehe.. It's all about ice blended. I favour chocolate, while Honey stick with mocha. Except for the 3rd conversation, she choose Tiramisu-lalala. [I can't really recall it's name. Huu~]
Lately, the two of us had suddenly became a pair of flava-tester. For ice blended. Hihi. We have tried all the nearest 4 restaurants in our area.
What I can say is, each and every one of the restaurant which offers ice blended for the customers has it's own credits and weakness [es]. Great environment, hygienic, but a lil expensive. Cheap food, 'only-good' beverages, but not very condusive when it comes to the environment. Not to forget is the customer service. At one place it's good. Sampai terlebih mesra pun ade. Huii. Psycho habis. At one other place plak, servis lambat. Waiter tak best. Aiyaa~
All in all, me and Honey choose the first restaurant. It's located at Section 18 Shah Alam, behind Esso. Well I can say that I am satisfied with the food and the customer services as well. Cuma bila citer pasal waiter yang terlebih mesra tu je laa yang buat sakit hati sikit. Nak marah, kesian.
Alrite. Till next post. Asta-La-Vista bebeh!!